Earths – Louise Vanneste / Rising Horses

Deeply sensitive to the rustling of the plant world and its interactions with humans, Louise Vanneste’s Earths is a choreographic piece that resembles a forest landscape or a botanical garden. Inhabited by her own movement style, she frees the four dancers, like essences, from their desire to do, in favour of intuition and listening: listening to others, to the imaginary, to the surrounding space. The result is a vibrant and vitalist dance, which surprises with its bursts of delicate gestures and elusive energy flows. A carpet of mosses and a light installation, a small ecosystem on the stage, form the floor and the base of these organisms that secretly enter into dialogue. Gradually, the bodies form a community, associations are formed and unravelled. Floral scents, root networks, cohabitation of plants, a forgotten world is revealed, nature takes back its rights.

Fabienne Aucant

PREMIERE : 22 October 2021, Charleroi Danse (Charleroi, BE)



Concept & choreography: Louise Vanneste 
Dramaturgy: Sara Vanderieck
Sound: Cédric Dambrain
Scenography & light: Arnaud Gerniers 
Choreography & dance: Paula Almiron, Amandine Laval, Léa Vinette, Castelie Yalombo 
Outside view: Anja Röttgerkamp
Costumes: Jennifer Defays

Administration : Gabriel Nahoum
Remerciements: Jeanne Colin, Lucas Katangila, Katia Petrowick, Jason Respilieux & Jonathan Schatz

Production: Rising Horses 
Coproduction: Charleroi danse, DC & J Creations, les Halles de Schaerbeek and Théâtre de Liège. 
With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and Tax Shelter du Gouverne- ment Fédéral de Belgique and d’Inver Tax Shelter. 

Louise Vanneste / Rising Horses is supported by Théâtre de Liège (2018-2022). Louise Vanneste is associated artist at Halles de Schaerbeek.