Sara Vanderieck
© Kathie Danneels

Born in 1978, Brussels (BE)

Sara Vanderieck obtains her degree of Master in the Dramatic Arts – theatre directing at RITCS in Brussels.

After this intensive training, her urge to immediately start creating herself has faded somewhat. She searches for other positions in the theatre world. First she sells tickets at the Flemish Opera and later she works there as an educational worker.

Eventually Vanderieck falls into the position of production and tour manager for TG STAN (from 2004 to 2006: Poquelin, En Quête, Bérénice, “Redde wie zich redden kan” geen slechte titel, My Dinner with André, L’avantage du doute, Anathema, Impromptu, voir et voir) and TRISTERO (2006: Komedrie).

In 2006 she joins les ballets C de la B, first as production and tour manager for VSPRS and pitié! (Alain Platel) and Patchagonia (Lisi Estaras), later as artistic assistant to Alain Platel for Out of Context – for Pina and C(H)OEURS and to Lisi Estaras for Dans Dans and Leche.

In 2012 she leaves les ballets C de la B to join the artistic direction of De Grote Post, a brand new cultural centre by the seaside in Ostend.

She also starts working as a dramaturg/outside eye for different dance creations from then on.
She works with Claron McFadden/Muziektheater Transparant (Lilith, 2012), Serge Aimé Coulibaly/FASO DANSE THEÂTRE (Fadjiri, 2013; Nuit Blanche à Ouagadougou, 2014; GLOED, 2015; Kalakuta Republik, 2017; KIRINA, 2018), Bára Sigfúsdóttir (The Lover, 2015, TIDE, 2016 and being, 2017) Ayelen Parolin & Lisi Estaras (La Esclava, 2015), Platform K/les ballets C de la B/Lisi Estaras (Monkey Mind, 2016) and Naïf Productions (La Mécanique des ombres, 2016/2017; des gestes blancs, 2017-2018 ; la chair a ses raisons, 2018).

In 2017 she adds another layer to her work. Together with artists Lisi Estaras, Mirko Banovic and Kristien De Proost, Vanderieck creates When I look at a strawberry, I think of a tongue. in a collaborative process.