Cliniques Dramaturgiques

The Cliniques Dramaturgiques, originally developed within the framework of the Festival TransAmériques (FTA) as a basis for inspiring support for local arts practices on the one hand and the development of an open dramaturgical platform on the other, are evolving into an intercontinental collaboration: they took place in Valenciennes (Phénix), Berlin (Performing Arts Festival), Rome (Short Festival) and Ghent (CAMPO & NONA).

Since 2016, within the programming of the FTA, the Cliniques Dramaturgiques have provided a support and exchange platform between creators in the performing arts – choreographers, authors, directors, performers, etc. -. This unique context encourages encounters between guest dramaturgs from different backgrounds, on the one hand, and offers local artists a form of one-off support, on the other.

In the context of this project, it is first and foremost about inventing new, unprecedented connections between institutions that support and diffuse avant-garde and daring performance practices. With the system of “cliniques dramaturgiques” at its epicenter the local partners involved focus on extending this dramaturgical practice and punctual support of creators to various disciplines and artistic communities.

Within local contexts and in dialogue with various partners, the Cliniques Dramaturgiques focus on the locally present artistic communities. On the periphery of a festival or a season’s program, a group of international dramaturgs focuses on the development of artistic practices and reflection.

On the one hand, this happens during private consultations for which artists can make an appointment. This individual, open and approachable 90 minutes conversation with one of the dramaturgs present allows the artists to deepen their research and untangle possible knots of creative processes. This dramaturgical tête-à-tête is a free professional service to the local artistic community offered by the Cliniques.

On the other hand, the attending dramaturgs also engage in a public part of the Cliniques Dramaturgiques. This part is filled in by the dramaturgs involved in close collaboration with the organizing partners and the local context and may include public debates, lectures and open idea forums on current themes that influence the research, creation and presentation processes of artists.