Naïf Production

Naïf Production is a factory of live shows and collective adventures created by Sylvain Bouillet, Mathieu Desseigne-Ravel and Lucien Reynès. Three acrobats who, from the singular relationship of intimacy that their language has with the gravity of the body, try to put the gravity of the world into dance.
Around the motifs of imbalance, resistance and effort, they develop fictions of images and gestures in which physical commitment is paramount. A commitment that they try to extend outside the stage.
They carry out collective and individual initiatives, and seek a mode of organisation based on that of the cooperative. Each project is an opportunity to reinvent new architectures for being and working together. A space of fragile friction where deciding is neither directing nor owning.

Naïf Production is the result of the unique trajectories, efforts and passions of Sylvain, Mathieu and Lucien.

In 2014, they create Je suis fait du bruit des autres, a performance developed with the participation of non-professionals.

Following this, the trio La Mécanique des Ombres was born in 2016. It was rewarded both the (Re)connaissance Jury and Public Choice awards, as well as the SACD Choreographic New Talent award in 2017.