Des gestes blancs

NaïF Production – Sylvain Bouillet

In this new project, Sylvain Bouillet proposes a research around the paternal link, an attempt to translate into dance what happens between an adult and a child. A danced attempt for a meeting between two bodies with very contrasted weight and size. This difference generates gestures, states and complex emotions. A fascinating subject for dance.

The question is not that of representing the child but of becoming one, multiple and ever changing. The opportunity to get out of their gestural habits in a  slowly acquired coordination. The attempt to feel certain gestures for the first time, to rediscover the potential of his corporality by leaving the “known” gesture, seeking to live what has not yet been lived. The gestures will not target the performative. They will make their way through attempts, hesitations, imbalances, clumsiness, perseverance.


DES GESTES BLANCS – Trailer 2018 from NaiF on Vimeo.


Choreography Sylvain Bouillet
Dramaturgy Lucien Reynès
Artistic Advice Sara Vanderieck
Interpretation Charlie Bouillet et Sylvain Bouillet
Light creation Pauline Guyonnet
Sound & Music creation Christophe Ruetsch

Production Naïf Production
Coproduction CDCN Les Hivernales – Avignon ∙ Le Cratère – Scène nationale d’Alès ∙ CCN Malandain – Ballet Biarritz ∙ CDCN – Le Pacifique – Grenoble
Support DRAC PACA ∙ Ville d’Avignon ∙ KLAP – Maison pour la danse de Marseille ∙ Agora – Cité internationale de la danse de Montpellier.