Cliniques Dramaturgiques: a Quebec-Flanders bilateral cooperation

I am proud to announce that les enfants du garage‘s new dramaturgical collaborative project Cliniques Dramaturgiques – an intercontinental artistic pollination has been rewarded with the support of the Flemish and Québécois authorities within the Quebec-Flanders bilateral cooperation.

The Cliniques Dramaturgiques, originally developed by Jessie Mill within the framework of the Festival TransAmériques (FTA) as a basis for inspiring support for local arts practices on the one hand and the development of an open dramaturgical platform on the other, are evolving into an intercontinental durational collaboration.
Since 2016, the Cliniques Dramaturgiques have formed a support and exchange platform within the programming of the FTA between makers in the performing arts – choreographers, authors, directors, performers, etc. -. This unique context on the one hand stimulates encounters between guest dramaturges from different backgrounds and, on the other hand, offers local artists a form of one-off support.

In a collaboration with CAMPO (BE), Kunstencentrum Nona (BE) and LA SERRE- arts vivants (CA), les enfants du garage (BE) and Festival TransAmériques (CA) will bring the practice of the Cliniques Dramaturgiques to Flanders and share the Belgian dramaturgical practice with the Québécois community.

Coming back to you with more news soon!

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