proud to present: Lisi Estaras’ #THISISBEAUTY @ TAZ

After a wonderful première series at KAAP, MA Scène Montbéliard and Kunstencentrum NONA last spring, Lisi Estaras will bring her solo performance to the stage of Belgium’s famous summer festival Theater aan Zee. Ticket sales start today at 9am – don’t wait & be sorry!

“If you really want to be understood, look for a good translator” Marlene Dumas

Choreographer and dancer Lisi Estaras celebrates her 50th birthday with a solo. A solo of 50 minutes. A performance consisting of 50 thoughts on identity, gender, sexuality and the life and body of a dancer.

Estaras has always been fascinated by the place of words and language in dance, and for the first time she puts this central theme on stage. What does the performer think while performing movements? Because saying what we say is not always the same as showing what we say.

Inspired by the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein and interviews with other 50-year-old women, #THISISBEAUTY became a fictional autobiographical, physical and verbal performance in which Lisi Estaras questions the absurd limits of communication.

Concept, choreography and dance​ Lisi Estaras Dramaturgy Sara Vanderieck Soundscape Tom Daniels Light design Helmut Van den Meersschaut Costume design Marie Szersnovicz Costume atelier Odile Dubucq Philosophical advice Carla Carmona Artistic advice Kristien De Proost Production management & communication Hilde Debuck MonkeyMind Company Management Nicole Petit Distribution   Plan B – Creative Agency for Performing Arts / Carmen Mehnert & Anne Schmidt Production MonkeyMind Company/MonkeyMind vzw Coproduction Festival Bits of Dance Brugge (B), MA Scène Nationale Montbéliard (F) Residencies  KAAP Brugge, MA Scène Nationale Montbéliard, Tanzhaus Zürich, BAMP Brussel With the support of CAMPO, les ballets C de la B and KC nona (studio) Thanks to Rose, Liora, Mirko and Ludwig

This project is created with a project grant from the Flemish Government – Culture 

About last week: Montréal and it’s Cliniques Dramaturgiques.

From May 29 to June 2 2022, the Cliniques Dramaturgiques held their sixth edition at the heart of the FTA. A true breach in the Festival, this “unproductive” time-space is devoted to the accompaniment of local creation. Six dramaturgs meet Montreal artists and their creative processes in intimate one-on-one sessions. Two public activities – tales of the dramaturges and Thinking Together: the extended community of the Cliniques – have contributed to increasing recognition of the discreet work of these artisans of thought and to sharing tools and experiences.

In their first year of hosting the Cliniques, Yohayna Hernandez and Emmanuelle Jetté have committed themselves to promoting a plural, open and inventive dramaturgy, in particular by favoring the meeting of North-South axes. Throughout their stay, the guest dramaturges inhabited a space in the HQ intended for their reflections; an ephemeral place of occupation to work in and to cover with traces, a place of exchange to think collectively.

Coordination and hosting Yohayna Hernandez + Emmanuelle Jetté

Guest dramaturgs Sara Vanderieck (Belgium) + Riccardo Fazi (Italy) + Noel Bonilla Chongo (Cuba) + Adriana Urrea (Colombia) + Gaëlle Bien-Aimé (Haiti) + Silvia Soter da Silveira (Brazil)

Organized by the Festival TransAmériques
in collaboration with les enfants du garage + LA SERRE – arts vivants + CAMPO + Kunstencentrum Nona

Presentation of “thinking together: the extended community of the Cliniques” with the support of the Flemish Government

Bodies to Bodies Dramaturgies

We are excited to announce dramaturg Sara Vanderieck’s participation in this meeting of minds from different corners of the globe at this upcoming online panel about the dramaturgy of the performing body in its multitude of performance strategies.

Featuring two pairings of practitioner-dramaturgs – Maja Hriesik (Slovakia) with Nia Augustina (Indonesia), and Sasapin Siriwanij (Thailand) with Sara Vanderieck (Belgium )- they will share with us their prior online dialogues and bring sharp focus to ideas surrounding the theme ‘Bodies to Bodies Dramaturgies’.

Hear from this international roundtable of vast and varied expertise, experience and interests in dance, physical theatre and other corporeal performances.

Happening Sunday 27 Feb 2022, 4pm (SGT)! (9am CET)

Sign up now at:

“Bodies to Bodies Dramaturgies” is one of several programmes in ADN Event Series 2021-22.


There ain’t no month like October 2021 to discover the diversity of dramaturg Sara Vanderieck‘s work.

Do you prefer discovering an inclusive performance for children (6+)? Go and discover the final performances of Lola Bogaerts’ VRETEN!.

Or you are ‘more of a theatre’s person’? Kristien De Proost & Bwanga Pilipili are performing Simon, Grafunkel, My Sister and Me all over the place and Sanja Mitrović’ Demeter Calling will have its première on October 14th.

But isn’t Sara Vanderieck a “dance dramaturg”? Yes she is – also. Serge Aimé Coulibaly’s Wakatt will be shared with Athen’s audiences tonight. Lisi Estaras and Ido Batash’ Sonico – the heart is the muscle we like to work out can be discovered in Evergem this month and last but not least: Louise Vanneste’s EARTHS will finally find its audience during the première on October 22nd.

Prefer to see all this information in a calendar layout? Take your eyes here.

Looking forward to share all these worlds with you!

SONICO – the heart is the muscle we like to work out. hits Ghent’s stage next week.

After the long break COVID imposed on us we are very happy and grateful to announce the return of SONICO – the heart is a muscle we like to work out. to the theatre. What makes it even more special: to Monkey Mind Company‘s hometown Ghent and it’s Minard Theatre!

This new dance and live music performance created by Lisi Estaras and Ido Batash in collaboration with musician Ariel Eberstein and his Brussels-based band by the same name, Sonico was inspired by the music of the avant-garde Argentinian composer Eduardo Rovira and the the connection between two people, dancing together, supporting and provoking each other.

Will you join us to discover this journey on August 30th? Get your tickets here.

Summer is for: announcing beautiful collaborations.

Not all has been hard during this past strange season ’20/’21. Behind those closed theatre doors artists continued to research and create. These specific times have created the context for a nourishing and inspiring new collaboration between choreographer Louise Vanneste and dramaturg Sara Vanderieck. We are very happy to finally announce Earths‘ première on October 22nd in Charleroi (BE).

Get your tickets to discover our work here.

Midsummer Souvenirs

While the belgian summer is struggling to break through, let’s have a look back at that beautiful midsummer evening in Leuven’s Botanical Garden on June 23rd. Join photographer Maya Wilsens‘ gaze at performers Kristien De Proost, Lisi Estaras, Mirko Banovic, Sara Vanderieck, Sayouba Sigué, Toon Walgrave and Rahmat Emonds in When I look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue.

A new collaboration to look forward to: DEMETER CALLING

‘One day they will listen to me, a woman’

Before diving into summer, let me announce this new exciting collaboration as a dramaturg with Sanja Mitrović and Stand Up Tall Productions for their creation Demeter Calling. Co-produced with the Royal Flemish Theatre (KVS), it will premiere on the 14th of October 2021, with further dates in Brussels, a Belgian tour in October and November, and an international tour to follow.

Demeter Calling is a concert performance in which an all-female cast mobilises the high energy and sensuality of the singing body to draw attention to the gap between the lives of women as prescribed by others and the lives they demand for themselves.

​Stories of women from different parts of the world are turned into songs that question the notion of motherhood as the sole focus of female identity. The performers from diverse backgrounds, including Mitrović herself, act as mediums attuning to and channeling voices of sisters dispersed across the gulfs of geography, ethnicity and culture. In the liminal space between a world which has already ended and another yet to begin, they are an unlikely girl band celebrating female strength, resilience, determination, and guts to speak – and sing – one’s own pain. 

New original music by Belgrade-based composer Marija Balubdžić binds together a multitude of individual perspectives. Taking as inspiration music from various Balkan regions, she leaps off the signature elements of such traditional styles to forge them into slivers of glistening electronic avant-pop, broadcast from somewhere decidedly off the radar, otherworldly and resistant to categorisation.

Through the form of performative practice as communal and immediate as a music concert, Demeter Calling summons up the corporeal, the sensual and the affective, foregrounding nuances of the relationship between mother and child, and, in a wider sense, the perils of female survival.

For further information and advance tickets visit KVS website.

You can watch a preliminary teaser here, with further updates following from September.

When I look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue. – coming back to you!

What better way to return to meeting each other live and celebrate this year’s midsummer’s night than a unique performance of When I look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue ?

Each performance is unique, because the narrative varies according to the location, the day on the calendar and the audience in the room.

In When I Look at a Strawberry, I Think of a Tongue, dancer Lisi Estaras, musician Mirko Banovic, theatre maker Kristien De Proost and dramaturge Sara Vanderieck combine their disciplines and are inspired by The Art of Joy, the great novel in which Goliarda Sapienza explores the concept of what it means to be ‘free’.

For this unique edition at the invitation of 30CC, the makers are not only joined by guests Toon Walgrave and Sayouba Sigué, but they also transform the performance for a beautiful location: the Botanical Garden in Leuven.

Make sure to be there!


Cliniques Dramaturgiques: a Quebec-Flanders bilateral cooperation

I am proud to announce that les enfants du garage‘s new dramaturgical collaborative project Cliniques Dramaturgiques – an intercontinental artistic pollination has been rewarded with the support of the Flemish and Québécois authorities within the Quebec-Flanders bilateral cooperation.

The Cliniques Dramaturgiques, originally developed by Jessie Mill within the framework of the Festival TransAmériques (FTA) as a basis for inspiring support for local arts practices on the one hand and the development of an open dramaturgical platform on the other, are evolving into an intercontinental durational collaboration.
Since 2016, the Cliniques Dramaturgiques have formed a support and exchange platform within the programming of the FTA between makers in the performing arts – choreographers, authors, directors, performers, etc. -. This unique context on the one hand stimulates encounters between guest dramaturges from different backgrounds and, on the other hand, offers local artists a form of one-off support.

In a collaboration with CAMPO (BE), Kunstencentrum Nona (BE) and LA SERRE- arts vivants (CA), les enfants du garage (BE) and Festival TransAmériques (CA) will bring the practice of the Cliniques Dramaturgiques to Flanders and share the Belgian dramaturgical practice with the Québécois community.

Coming back to you with more news soon!