Monkey Mind Feest – what a party!

Last Saturday July 1st, we presented Lisi Estaras‘ creation Monkey Mind Feest at Ostend’s contemporary dance festival Dansand!

This one time event was a dance party in the spirit of Lisi’s Monkey Mind choreographic material. With this material she aims to convert the endless chatter inside your head into movement.

Over the course of a season, working with different audiences, and supported by a research grant of the Flemish Government, she has devised the ‘Monkey Mind’ methodology.

De Grote Post organized a masterclass series for 50+dancers, art school MUDA invited Lisi for a project with their students, Lisi continued to research the material with Platform K‘s professional dancers with down-syndrome Hannah, Kobe and Fernando and with several other professional dancers.

Putting this research to good use, she’s created a unique party in the public space including people from all different research episodes especially for Dansand!

a few impressions

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in the belgian newspapers

De Standaard published a lovely interview with Lisi. You can read it here.

De Morgen published an article about the collaboration between Lisi and Platform K. You can read it here.

Het laatste nieuws published a small article about the collaboration between De Grote Post and Lisi. You can read it here.


Choreography Lisi Estaras | Dancers Irene Rousolillo, Fernando Amado, Hannah Bekemans, Kobe Wyffels, Fons Dhossche, Magda Ral, Eric Steyaert, Marjan Colombie, Lief Weuts, Kries Hoornaert, Ingeborg Vandenbulcke, Chris Soenen, Lut Van Malderen, Caroline Slabbinck, Mieke Boonen, Catherine Barbez, Lieve Polet, Nadine Machtelinckx & Sam Louwyck| Music Bartold Uyttersprot | Dramaturgy & Artistic assistance Sara Vanderieck & Quan Bui Ngoc | Production De Grote Post | With the support of De Provincie West-Vlaanderen en KAAP | With the collaboration of Platform K & Monkey Mind vzw