Save the date – Monkey Mind Feest will be presented on Dansand 2017

Monkey Mind! is throwing a dance party. Choreographer Lisi Estaras aims to convert the endless chatter inside your head into movement. Over the course of a year, and working with different audiences, she has devised the ‘Monkey Mind’ methodology. Putting this research to good use, she’s creating a unique party in the public space especially for Dansand 2017 on July 1st!

Choreography Lisi Estaras | Dancers Nicolas Vladyslav, Irene Rousolillo, Fernando Amado, Hannah Bekemans, Kobe Wyffels, the 50+dacers from the Monkey Mind in je lijf workshop and special guests | Music Bartold Uyttersprot | Dramaturgy Sara Vanderieck | Production De Grote Post | With the support of De Provincie West-Vlaanderen and KAAP | Thanks to Platform K