When I look at a strawberry, I think of a tongue

When I look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue. – coming back to you!

What better way to return to meeting each other live and celebrate this year’s midsummer’s night than a unique performance of When I look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue ?

Each performance is unique, because the narrative varies according to the location, the day on the calendar and the audience in the room.

In When I Look at a Strawberry, I Think of a Tongue, dancer Lisi Estaras, musician Mirko Banovic, theatre maker Kristien De Proost and dramaturge Sara Vanderieck combine their disciplines and are inspired by The Art of Joy, the great novel in which Goliarda Sapienza explores the concept of what it means to be ‘free’.

For this unique edition at the invitation of 30CC, the makers are not only joined by guests Toon Walgrave and Sayouba Sigué, but they also transform the performance for a beautiful location: the Botanical Garden in Leuven.

Make sure to be there!


When I look at a Strawberry, … a dramaturg’s insight.

When I look at a Strawberry, … is selected for the LookIN’OUT Festival


We are very happy to announce that When I Look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue. has been selected for the LookIn’OUT Festival in Brussels. We will present the outlines of the work on November 30th at 16h35 at le BAMP!

LookIN’OUT is a collaboration between a residency space, le BAMP, a venue, le 140 and a support structure in production and distribution, AD LIB. The LookIN’OUT Festival invites a selection of artists in the fields of performing arts, visual arts and digital arts to freely present the bases, the intentions and the strong points of their current projects.

These short performances or presentations (10 to 30 minutes) take place at le BAMP and at 140, during the day and evening. They are reserved for professionals and the goal is for them to become acquainted with quality projects from their genesis on. Several moments of informal exchanges between artists and professionals are part of the program.

When I look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue. @ Chambres d’O Festival!

Nothing cozier than spending the dark winter nights together indoors. On January 27th and 28th, De Grote Post and Theater aan Zee organise the Chambres d’O living room festival in Ostend (BE). The city’s cultural centre and summer festival join their forces to realize this heart-warming festival in which music, theater, dance, literature and visual arts are shown in the intimacy of a living room. Prepare yourself for a unique experience, in cozy private homes in various places in the city. During unexpected encounters with (fellow) city dwellers on the sofa, artists surprise you on a few mere square meters.

We are proud  and happy to share that we will present When I look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue. twice on Saturday January 27th in two different living rooms.

Hope to see you there!

Dancers / choreographers Lisi Estaras and Serge Aimé Coulibaly, musician / composer Mirko Banovic and dramaturge Sara Vanderieck are inspired by Goliarda Sapienza`s novel The art of Joy. The grand and sensual history of a woman who has only one goal in life: to be free.

Sexual desire, the growth into adulthood, social and political engagement flow through this ingenious novel and form the base for a subtle quadrangular relationship that fans out to and with the audience. The different story layers are executed in an original playlist of separate tableaux. The playlist of each performance depends on the artists, the audience and the specific setting of the living room.

When I look at a Strawberry … an intimate seduction dance between movement and music.

tickets are available here.


When I look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue… let’s tease you a bit!

On September 23rd and 28th we presented the result of the first month of creation of When I look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue in Ostend and Avignon. We had the chance to perform on three specific locations: the gallery Beausite (programmed by De Grote Post), the Art Centre KAAP by Ostend’s seaside with it’s beautiful view and the welcoming Théâtre des Doms next to Avignon’s Palais des Papes.
Those three performances sold out quickly and proved to be a wonderful and precious experience.

For those amongst you who could not be present, we have made a small teaser to share a glimpse of the Strawberry experience.

Enjoy & don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!


When I look at a Strawberry, … – the word is out.

© Sara Vanderieck

We are proud to announce that De Grote Post and KAAP will present the very first try-outs of this new creation on September 23rd ’17.

In When I Look at a Strawberry, I Think of a Tongue dancers/choreographers Lisi Estaràs and Serge Aimé Coulibaly, musician/composer Mirko Banovic and dramaturg Sara Vanderieck combine their practices in a multidisciplinary narration about their separate pasts and the common present. The starting point for this creation is Goliarda Sapienza’s novel The art of Joy. Its questionings about social and political engagement, personal growth, parenting, sexual desire and aging are the pretext to meet each other.

These performances will be for a very limited audience only so don’t hesitate to get your tickets here or here