A new collaboration with Bára Sigfúsdóttir!

© Aëla Labbé

I am very happy to announce that after our inspiring exchanges for THE LOVER, TIDE and being, Bára has invited me into the creation process of her new work: FLÖKT – a flickering flow.

Today is our first day together in the studio. I am truly looking forward to this new journey together!

In FLÖKTchoreographer and dancer Bára Sigfúsdóttir joins forces with visual artist Tinna Ottesen, composer Eivind Lønning, light designer Jan Fedinger, and dancers Aëla Labbé and Meri Pajunpää who join Bára on stage.

FLÖKT offers an exploration of our bodily connection with the world surrounding us. It suggests that nature is not something that solely exists outside of us but also something we can sense and experience through our bodies. The audience is invited into a white silk dome, an environment which is in a constant state of transition and allows you to feel the close proximity of things, bodies, the space, the sound, the lights and the massive presence of this environment which literally surrounds you. Together we undertake a journey inside an interconnected poetic miniature of our world.