Our Darkness

“All my adult life I have kept a distance from other people, it has been my way of coping,  because I become so incredibly close to others in my thoughts and feelings of course, they only have to look away dismissively for a storm to break inside me.” – Karl Ove Knausgård.

We see 2 beings that have been living in a closed room for endlessly long and probably will continue living there for a very long time. They have developed ways to divert themselves so that they don’t live exactly the same thing with exactly the same person every day. A certain physicality or state or even certain attributes (like masks) are used by both to create an image of something that comes from the outside or came from the outside long time ago. Who they are exactly to each other is not fitting a known sort of human relationship. They are not (only) lovers, they are not (only) siblings, they are not (only) one and the same, they are not (only) strangers. They are on a quest to meet the other one in the most specific and personal way possible…



Mélanie Lomoff, Romeu Runa and Sara Vanderieck met whilst working together in Alain Platel’s les ballets C de la B. During the creation and the tour of Out of context – For Pina in 2010, the idea of creating a duo for Mélanie and Romeu started to ripe.



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