Kalakuta Republik @ Avignon’s Festival as seen by the press

© Christophe Raynaud de Lage

This summer Serge Aimé Coulibaly’s Kalakuta Republik has been presented in Europe’s major summer festivals and not in the least: Le Festival d’Avignon. To get selected for Avignon’s prestigious “IN” Festival is a great honour. To enjoy the audience’s standing ovations, an enthusiastic press and multiple interesting exchanges about the work has been a strong and amazing experience for the entire cast and crew.

For those amongst you who haven’t joined us at the summer festivals, here are some impressions through the eyes of others (a simple click on the quote brings you to the article):

“The result is a non-stop succession of movements, each new, for more than an hour, in a thrillingly inventive act of choreographic rebellion.
The second part of Coulibaly’s show demolishes the clichés of the wild party and confirms his talent. In this one work, while remaining true to himself, the choreographer has crystallised years of research” – Le Monde


“Serge Aimé Coulibaly is one of the leading lights of contemporary dance on the African continent today and his presence at this 71th edition was, quite simply, a must.” – Vaucluse Matin, Edition Avignon et Carpentras


“Kalakuta Republik offers dance that is absolutely distinctive, far removed from clichés of African dance and far removed, also, from Western canons.” – Tout Lyon Affiches


“Thunderous applause. Kalakuta Republik cannot be described: it has to be experienced. The dancers’ performances are breathtaking: their bodies speak, laugh, shout, weep, and corrupt each other. We decode their words and their misfortunes, and admire the endurance and strength they display throughout an hour and three-quarters. All are endowed with a certain charisma that brings a great personality and life to the performance; the casting, it must be said, is admirable. A sustained, deafening outburst of applause broke out at the conclusion of Kalakuta Republik, which was undoubtedly one of the great choreographic successes of this edition of the Festival d’Avignon.” – Boite à culture.com


“Dance won, borrowing from all repertories, just as Fela did (jazz, yoruba rhythms, funk…), revealing every individual in the company […] and what is of interest here, is this broken dance which never ceases to rise up again from a background of profound nostalgia.” – Délibéré, Marie-Christine Vernay,


“Urgent anchored in the earth, the dance is rushed, searching, carried throughout by remarkable performers. Kalakuta Republik is a strong, complete work that awakens our hearts and our consciences.”  – Danser Canal Historique,Agnès Izrine


“ In his criticism of contemporary Africa, Coulibaly tirelessly asks one question – what role should or can play an artist  in today’s charged world? His choreography, his dance, his personal presence on stage is Coulibaly’s response to this question.” – Yana Meerzon

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