Kalakuta Republik is getting good reviews!

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La Libre Belgique

In Kalakuta Republik, Serge Aimé Coulibaly magically combines music, dance and the African revolution.

Guy Duplat – 17/02/2017


“A wonderful ramble that exudes both rebelliousness and love.”


Kalakuta Republik dances on a volcano, one of lost revolutions and of peoples who will ultimately rebel. The political and poetic performance becomes even more exuberant in the second half, when it celebrates taking the reins in an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a discotheque – or of the end of the world. Some of the scenes are positively magical…”

Philippe Noisette – 11/03/2017


“Dance has triumphed by borrowing elements from all repertoires, just as Fela did (jazz, Yoruba rhythms, funk, etc.) and it lays bare the personality of every member of the company. … And what is so fascinating here is the ‘broken’ dance that re-asserts itself time and time again against a backdrop of profound longing.”


“This will not be an overtly African performance, but one in which politics is reflected through bodies. One is influenced by the traditional repertoire, another by discotheque-style hip-swinging, yet another by jazz, not to mention the dance that is dreamt up along the way with no awareness of its provenance.”

Marie-Christine Vernay – 15/03/2017

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