Bára Sigfúsdóttir’s being gets it’s first reviews: ***

© Aëla Labbé

The belgian newspaper De Morgen sent a critic to Bára Sigfúsdóttir‘s being‘s first night last Thursday in Campo Nieuwpoort. Jan Dertaelen gave *** to the performance and reads it as a piece about meeting the other.

“In the following hour, the two dancers will slowly gain an eye for each other, grow towards the other and try to relate to each other. What we see is a meeting, and what we learn is that every meeting occurs according to its own laws and rules.”

Those amongst you understanding Dutch can read this article here: “Dansen mag, aanraken niet.” 

Belgian magazine Knack‘s critic Els Van Steenberghe also rates the performance with three stars.

“…looking at the struggling dancers whose movements give them alternately something human and something animalistic, you think about how your movements may reflect your personality.”

Those amongst you understanding Dutch can read this article here: “‘Being’ verplicht u om het dier in uzelf te erkennen”

Curious to discover being yourself?
you can find the performance dates here.

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