Flanders Arts Institute portrays Coulibaly.

The Flanders Arts Institute created the special platform “Let me be your guide: contemporary dance from Flanders & Brussels” to help an international professional audience get acquainted with the Flemish and Brussels dance scene.

The platform contains extensive who’s who of contemporary dance with video portraits and a trenchant text on today’s dance scene.
Using text and video, reviewers and essayists highlight Flander’s main dance-makers. They guide you as you view the dance itself – an invitation to discover the richness of contemporary dance from Flanders and Brussels.

What kind of movement material and body images are dance-makers looking for? What themes prevail in their work? How do they work with movement and with time and space?

Each season on the National Day of Dance the Institute adds a few new portraits. This season the jury selected Serge Aimé Coulibaly as one of the new voices in Flanders’ and Brussels contemporary dance scene.

Being his dramaturg and longtime collaborator, I was happy to accept the invitation of Flanders Arts Institute to write Serge Aimé’s portrait. An English version of the portrait can be found here, those amongst you understanding Dutch can have a read here.

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